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Bandom Fan Fiction

Welcome, BFF's!

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A community for all bandom fiction!

This is a community for creative expression through the use of band fan fiction! We welcome all types of fics, from any bandom that you so choose to write about! A fan of My Chemical Romance? Excellent, bring it on! Marianas Trench? Let's see it, eh? (Get it? Because they're Canadian? ... sorry.) Slayer? Why the hell not! If it's music, and you write about it, this is the place for it!

We do not restrict fics on the basis of topic. Write whatever you'd like, just make sure you put the proper warnings on the Info Plate (Info Plate instructions below). We don't want to stifle anyone's creativity, so as long as you play by the rules and label your fics properly, we won't have to!

Right now we have two wonderful (and fair!) moderators, Meg and Kacey! valiencepoison and evrybdydncenow respectively. They are available to answer any questions you may have, help you out with a beta-read, ideas, or whatever you need (Within reason! Don't ask Kace about Zombies, she'll cry. She's a big old scaredy-cat.)


To post in our community, you do need to be a member! It's cool, we're nice folks, we promise!

For now, entries are moderated by Meg and Myself. We aim to have no more than a 3-4 hour wait (at the longest time) for your post to be accepted. The reasons we are moderating for now are three fold:

1: We want to help make sure everything is coded/tagged properly before it gets posted up. We have all been there, where we think we got everything right and then we post, and everything goes wonky-bonkers because we missed a < or a / somewhere along the lines.

2: We want to make sure everything has the proper Info-Plate warnings so we're not accidentally tricking people into reading something they don't necessarily want to see.

3: Okay we lied, it was two-fold.


Please accompany all fic posts with an info-plate! This helps our community members identify the bandom, read any warnings associated with the fic, and get a little info before diving into your story! The Info Plate should have the following sections filled out:

Rating: (Please add warnings here!)
Authors Notes: (optional)

A completed Info-Plate could look like so:

Title: The BFF Example Fic! (Chapter Twelve)
Author: evrybdydncenow
Bandom: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Gerard/Bob
Rating: R (Rated for Violence, strong language, and the brutal murder of a beloved children's book character.)
Disclaimer: Author does not claim to know any of the characters in the story, all events are fictitious.
Summary: In a land of myth and magic, one band rules the entire kingdom of Narnia!
A/N: Seriously, if someone wants to write a story about MCR ruling the kingdom of Narnia, I will give you a dollar, straight up. - Kacey

Some Warnings to consider: Underage Romance, Graphic Depiction of Violence, Incest, Character Death, Self-Harm, Drugs and Alcohol Abuse, Non-Consensual Romance, Extreme Fluff... you get the point, right?

Please use, LJ cuts to post your stories!

We will ask you to resubmit any story that is not contained under an lj-cut or a link to an outside source (such as your own journal). Please keep all images larger than 200x200 pixels under a cut as well.

Not sure how to LJ-cut? Here's how to do it!

Not sure how to post a link? It's easy!

Need a basic HTML refresher? Here you go!

TAGGING: Please tag your entries with the name of the band your story is centered around. That way it's easy for us, and you guys to find all the stories about a specific band simply by visiting our Tag's Page!


Please, no flaming or making inappropriate comments on people's fics. If you have nothing nice to say, simply don't say it. If we see someone starting drama, we will remove them from the community, simple as that. If you have an issue with someone flaming your fics, or you notice something a little off, please send a message to the inbox of valiencepoison (Meg), or evrybdydncenow (Kacey), and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

The difference between constructive criticism and flaming:

Constructive: Hi there, I just wanted to point out that halfway through the story, your main character's name changed spelling. Wasn't sure if that was on purpose or not!


Constructive: I like the story, but the ending just didn't really make sense to me, I thought the dragon's lair disintegrated into nothingness in chapter two, how are Mike and Seth making their blood-pact in there in chapter seven?

Flaming: LAME! did you just FORGET that the dragons lair exploded in chapter 2? You suck.

See the difference? Good!

Need a Beta / Willing to Beta?

Are you willing to beta-read for other users? Have a good track record of well-written and correctly-spelled fics? Excellent! Please inbox valiencepoison or evrybdydncenow and let us know so we can add you to the list!

Willing Beta's:

Please send an inbox message to one of our friendly beta readers: